Japanese Maple 'Mikawa Yatsubusa

I stumbled across this nice maple in a DIY store a few days ago, and of course, bought the tree. It had started to leaf out, and I am thinking that I can still repot it if I do minimal work on the roots, what do you folks think? Wait till end of spring?

Now is the time to repot this maple. The moment you seethe full leaf details, it’s too late to repot.

I did repot my two mapples at this stage and they couldn’t have looked happier :slight_smile: Go for it!

Thank you. I already got the stuff ready and will be repotting tonight.
I had always reported before the buds break, so I was a bit hesitant since this maple was already leafing out when I bought it. Then again, if the tree’s strong and healthy it’ll be fine. Thanks again!

Here’s a photo of my maple. 1st repot. Had to cut a lot of structural roots off.


I like I like I like :slight_smile: Looks gorgeous!

I wasn’t planning on buying any tree when I went to the store. I was there to buy plastic totes. The tree caught my attention and found no reason not to get it.

Hahaha I know exactly what you are talking about!! I personaly have put a ban on me going to garden centre very often considering I don’t have my own garden just huge window seal and small front yard which is already full of trees :slightly_smiling_face:
You did great purchase. No wonder it caught your eye - it has nice character and plenty of nicely curved branches!

The three long branches on top will be be air-layered, eventually. If not this year, next year.

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Same here… Same here…
The DIY store I went to had this outside, it was fresh out of the truck. Lucky Me! :grin:

Did the tree label say which nursery grew it?

Let me check. I’ll need to find the label. Why?