Japanese Black Pine or Not?

I was sent this pine tree assuming it was a JBP. The bark does not look like a black pine I already have. Is this a JBP?


@Cjlopez4 it appears to be a JBP, it has pairs of needles at each fascicle, and the needle. Shape and growth pattern is consistent with JBP. What does the bark look like at base if any mature bark is present? That could help with identification.

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Here is a pic of the trunk and the first whorl. I have also included a pic of my other JBP for comparison.

Well a few thoughts on the bark. Mostly dark and brown with very small ridges. Consistent with a young field grown JBP. In some areas on the trunk there is mature bark beginning to form… Flaky craggy and scale like. It has a 2 needle growth habit that appears consistent with JBP. This leads me to believe it would be JBP.