It‘s getting cold out there - so how do we stand to the sun?

So, the hardier trees moved onto the ground in a protected location.
My question is on exposure to sun. I have seen some (professionals) recommending in youtube channels that the winter quarters should not only be protected from wind but als not receive sunlight. This should protect against thaw from the heat build up which then would freeze again at night.
Ryan on the other hand stated, that he does not set his tree down on the north side of benches as he observed those developing a tad less well in the following season. But the south side for sure would lead to sun exposure in winter. Is this because mirai does not experience very low temps and thus sun/night cold not so much an issue.
My question is not so much on the (better) development aspect as neither my skills nor my trees would show this. It is solely focussed on the health of the trees. I also would not have time to move trees around on short notice.
Thanks for your thoughts/experiences.