Identifying Pines

I have access to property that has a ton of pine trees. Apparently they are SHORTLEAF Pines. My question is, what subgroup is that species?

They hybridize with loblollys, so my guess is multiflush.

I’m also curious if you can tell what subgroup a pine is without knowing the species

Are you asking if the length/shape/amount of the needles are indicative of how Mirai categorizes then into subgroups? Such as Long-needle Single Flush, Shot needle single/multi flush, ect?

If so its a great question but the answer is not really. Knowing the environment elevation and region (costal vs. mountain) are more telling of the behavior. For example the shortleaf looks like a low elevation costal similar to the Shore Pine in the northern part of the US. Therefor the behaviors are more likely to resemble sub species in similar environments (they were adaptive and allowed them to outcompete other behaviors) The black pine (multi-flush pine) can handle a tsuamni and put out another flush aka multi-flush.

Yes, if your out in a forest and spot a pine tree, are you able to know if it’s a multi-flush, etc. pine tree.

This has a lot of info as to where and how it grows, so maybe this is the most helpful for figuring out subgroups

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