Idea on negative space at shimpaku trunk

Hi all, I would like some recommendations on the negative space that occurs at the trunk, and also some feedback on overall wiring design on the tree. Thanks guys!

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Here’s another pic

Hey welcome, just my two sense so take it for whatever its worth but I think your wiring was handled pretty nicely. However I might consider moving that lowest primary branch back towards the right and down some because it seems to disrupt your rightward flow. Also I might consider changing the position of your base in the pot back towards the left more and this might allow you to lower the negative space as well as get a more of a perpendicular drop to the pot from your cascade. I’m not sure if you would need a larger pot width wise though. I wonder if dave Giorgi’s rectangular cascade pot would assist with an angle change. Oh btw you may consider adding a pic of an aerial view of the nebari so you can see more of what your working with in order to better determine how best to handle the negative space

Thanks Ricky for the comment. About the moving lower branch to more right and down, I initially did that but the higher branches or the bonsai will shade it and hence u choose to move it more to the left, as shown from pic below). I have include some Pic of the trunk below as well.

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Ya that’s a good point but it looks like you tweaked it a little which looks better from what I can tell. U know you could also do what Ryan does with a little contouring and strategic placement of sphagnum topped with some soil substrate in that negative space. Then you could add dried moss and shredded sphagnum with the fines removed. That would probably be the quickest and easiest of the fixes. Just a thought. But great work

I was looking at the TRUNK and branch spread for negative space… and not seeing anything (:rofl:)
The open areas in the roots (nebari) above the soil in the pot are odd, I like it… it tooks nice … Chinese esc…; however, you could hide this as RickyD suggests.

yes what i mean is the nebari :sweat_smile:, thanks guys for the feed back i will try to hide it.

Which video is it that Ryan does with the sphagnum?

Tony it is in Repotting Yamadori about 3/4ths the way in I believe. Hope this helps