ID christmas cyprus?

I bought this tree several years ago as a Christmas tree. In the ground for 10 years. Pacific NW. Winter.
It was labeled a Cyprus. Soft dark green needles with dark/ light blue seed pods.


Any ideas…?

We need some detail shots of the base and of the trunk. Pull some low branches back.

Not looking for design help.
Trunk… and base.

It is certainly not a cypress, it is a juniperus species. It might be a cultivar of juniperus scopulorum or virginiana.

I’m pretty sure it is a blue cypress-- Arizona cypress tree (Cupressus arizonica). Maybe not Cupressus nootkatensis… or African cypress.
Occams razor… growth habit and ease of propagating and access for growers. Saw the exact same trees this Xmas. Along with stone pines…
Gonna be a large bonsai… chopping top and lifting this spring. Feathery fronds probably will not reduce…
I love a challenge.

You might consider letting it rest for a season or two after chopping. That tree may not recover if you chop and lift at same time. Additionally you will have much better results building a new foliage mass if you give it a couple years of growth on the new leader before you pull it out of the ground. Having the existing roof system to build the new foliage mass will be clutch.