How to minimize needle yellowing after repotting true Cedars?

Hello from Australia :wave:

I have a few Atlas/Deodara/Libani Cedar trees that I would like to repot in order to replace the potting soil with a bonsai mix. After doing it with one tree, I noticed its needles are slowly turning yellow. Perhaps it’s happening because a lot of its roots got cut off and maybe I shouldn’t have taken that much off.

Could someone explain the correct way to repot and root prune true Cedars so needle yellowing can be minimised?


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I had the same problem last season… I tried to keep good balance of water and oxygen. Tilted the pot on a piece of wood, very careful watering and away from direct sun and wind. It took 2-3 months and the tree is now growing.

Oh that’s so interesting. What does that achieve?

Yes that’s what I want to do too. How do I know I’m balancing the water and oxygen right? Is it more like avoid watering if the surface of the pot looks moist?

When u tilt the pot you create a higher water column and gravity pulls more water out of the pot, thus creating a situation for better draining.

If there is moisture in the pot, avoid watering. Do not let it go bone dry. Go by what the tree and the soil tell u.

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I also have had the same iasue with a deodar cedar, I however, had too little foliage and the tree eventually perished despite my best efforts to ensure adequate water and gaseous exchange in the root system. I would make these recommendations… Have a ridiculous amount of foliage and do not remove any of it before or after repotting, keep as many roots as possible, and place in semi shade for a few weeks. Hopefully your cedars pull through.