Help Identifying a Succulent

Hello everyone,

Greetings from Switzerland. I’m pretty new to Mirai and this forum and started with bonsai only about a year ago. Although this question is not strictly about bonsai, I hope someone here may be able to help me identifying a plant that I got.

During a holiday in Thailand last April, I admired a private garden with fantastic succulents and bonsai. When I told the owner that I liked his garden and plants very much, he presented me with two succulent cuttings. Unfortunately, he didn’t know the name of the plant.
I brought the cuttings home to Switzerland in my carry-on luggage, stuck them in a pot and they have been doing extremely well since then. The plant isn’t tree shaped, but it grows fantastic creepy-crawly branches and I’m sure it will look great besides the Jades and Aloes that I try to grow as bonsai (just will have to get a nicer pot eventually). :slight_smile:
Despite extensive online research, I was not able to identify the plant. I found pictures of fully grown such plants, but none that gave me the scientific or even a local or popular name.

Any help identifying this plant would be greatly appreciated.

My cuttings

Stock photo of fully grown plants


Post this on and I think you can have some "succ"ess getting the name.

@Christoph it looks to me like Monadenium stapelioides.

Awesome, thanks Ralph. That definitely seems to be it.