Heathrow Bonsai Show 21 Oct 18

Some of the trees that caught my eye

Korean Hornbeam
Hawthorn Maple


Awesome trees. I hope to some day attend this show and see some Graham Potter trees in person.

I can’t believe I forgot to put this into my calendar and just missed it!!! Uuuurrrrgh!
Thanks for pictures @AndyK

Looks like a pomegranate to me.

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It is a pomegranate and thankfully it’s mine! A good show aimed totally at clubs and a concept that has gone from strength to strength. Mark, Ming and their team put a huge amount of effort into this. Same venue for the show for individuals in April but I don’t know if advertising it is allowed here.


That’s an incredible pomegranate and I’m incredibly jealous. (I came to comment and say something like “I’d literally stab somebody for that pomegranate,” but now you’re here and it’s awkward so I’m giving you props instead. :wink: )


Thanks @Blown55,
It was my favourite

Thanks for the comments, they’re appreciated. I never know how people may react to my more unusual trees. A car friend on seeing this prior to the show asked"why are you putting a dead tree into a show". Luckily he’s a good friend…


I keep coming back to stare at that pom. How old is it? How long have you had it? Where did you get it? Do you have any transformation photos?

Thank you but I can’t take credit for the trunk! It was an import from Japan to the UK via France. I’ve spent a few seasons building the ramification.


What an absolute knock-out.

ETA: any chance you could give us a photo with a size reference?

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Not sure if this helps? Overall height is 18". The show is for groups/clubs hence not an individual display.IMG_0570-1024x768


It helps a lot, thank you! Gosh. Still bowled over. I feel like it comprehensively out-performs everything else in that photo.