Uk. Heathrow Bonsai Show 2019 pics

Today I was lucky enough to attend one of the biggest bonsai shows in the UK.

Here are some of the 300 or so pics I took!

A small selection below


Thanks for sharing them all. Looks like a good day. I would have gone but the wide told me I had to go to her friends birthday party yesterday :roll_eyes:, which messed up my plans for the weekend.


Thanks for sharing your photos Amit! I took some myself, only phone snaps. I’ll include a few of my favs but looks like you’ve got it covered.

Bustling show this year (could I say too busy?) and to think that’s even with the 3rd room added. The day flew past. We (myself and @Jamesac19 ) didn’t even realise there was the third room until towards the end of the day.

Also, a pleasure to meet fellow Mirai Live member and forum frequenter @CoffeeCherry at yesterday’s show.

Doesnt look it here particaularly, but this chinese elm (below) was huge!

I really enjoyed the moss, lichen, mushroom and delecate grasses of the the larch display on the right (below). Gave a wonderul and natural forest impression. Kudos to the creator.


Thank you for sharing, great quality of trees.

The show numbers were way up this year and the people through the door was actually ten times greater than at the first show 10 years ago. Using the extra hall has been essential as the show has grown and we will be doing the same at the ExpoBonsai show in April. The rooms were well signed but a few people did not latch on as the floor plan was reversed from previous shows, in future we will make the signage bigger. We hope that you found the diner as well.
Mark and Ming are to be congratulated on the success of the show and I’m pleased to say that my original forecast from ten years back of the show being a failure as it is in Harlington was completely wrong!

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One reason for the growth in numbers has been the huge success and growth of the UK Bonsai Association. This is a free to join organisation, no catch!, that aims to send all current news/show reports/etc. direct to your inbox. The entry numbers have proved it to be working. It was set up simply to get news out there to enthusiasts who are not involved in a club or subscribe to a magazine.

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Damn I wish I had posted before going now. We could have had a mirai mini meet.

This was my first proper bonsai show and I was blown away!

And yes it was packed. Can’t wait for the 3 day event in July now.

Maybe @ryan will demo at a future one :smiley:

The standard and creativity of some of the trees was phenomenal.

Like you @Ralph I also enjoyed looking at all the different top dressing. This one was very nice


Agreed, congratulations to Mark and Ming.

Perhaps for Expo in April then we should try a little Mirai meet for the UK folk attending.

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