Hawthorn Air Layer

I have just found some awesome potential Hawthorn bonsai within my garden, I wondered is it too late to start an Air Layer or should I wait till next year.

I am in the UK in zone 9.

If it has leafed out it is too late.

For an air layer? I think you can do the air layer once the first flush of leaves has hardened off.


It’s only just getting to the right point to start air layers in the UK. I’ve been told that Hawthorns can be tricky. And based of my attempt last year it may take 2 years to get good roots.

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Thanks for all the replies, i think I will try and start one over the weekend and see how it progresses.

Not too late at all. Anytime from about now for the next several weeks would be ideal in the UK.

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I retract my last reply.
Now, after looking through pics I did my hawthorn air layer around this time when tree is in its dormant stage, after it has leafed out and hardened off.
I say go for it :+1:t2:

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