Gypsum for salt removal

HI all. Will gypsum help with removing salt buildup? What is the best application in tea bags or just poor it on the surface?

Thank you

Probably not. Adding more salt…
Post a photo. Salt Crystals buildup from surface soil dryout? Or pot buildup?
What soil makeup are you using?
Is your water too hard? Using a water softener (adds salt)?
Gypsum is used in garden for breaking up clay soils…
Calcium sulphate. Adding calcium salts… in large amounts not good for the tree or pot buildup.
Doesn’t help pH. Neutral.
It is not a fertilizer. No N,P,K. Inorganic fertilizer is ALL salts… should be using more organic.
I’m not sold.
Any one OUT THERE doing this?

I assume that you are talking about residual fertilizer from you question about tea bags or surface application. If you use organic the surface buildup needs to be removed if water does not penetrate into the soil below. Do not use water that has been softened or treated with chlorine or fluorides. If you can, flush the system with rain water or distilled water to absorb excess salt accumulation. Are these tropical or coniferous or deciduous? More detail in the question will get better advice. :nerd_face: Welcome to the forum!! Remember the advice I give is worth every penny you paid me. :grin: