Organic Soil Acidifier

Hey guys, do you have some experience using soil acidifier? I’m looking at some organic ones and they are pretty pricey so before I go for one I would like to get some feedback if you have any. I’m a city tree lover and the water is maaaaaadly baaaaadly hard here for my tiny friends in pots.

I have a similar problem in South East England. The solution I found is to use fertilizer for Ericaceous plants (like Satsuki Azaleas).
This is what i use:
Never experienced any plant health issues.
Hope it helps

Yup, same area… Thank you for tip @Stavros

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To avoid hard local water you can buy the cheap bottled water either in one serving bottles or in a 2 liter or larger bottle. The use of distilled water is discourage, too few minerals. Adding dry powder fertilizer adds salt to your soil, that ties up the water and competes for the water you intend for your plant. Bottled water can be purchased at warehouse stores. No need to buy expensive brands. The large stores often have their own brand name at a reduced price.
Another better way is to collect rain water. A plastic tarp with a weight taped to the middle will catch a lot of rain. Either tip the tarp to collect or make a drain that collects the rain in a container to store for watering your trees.:nerd_face: