Got a free deciduous tree at BSOP, looking to identify

Randy Knight dropped off some free “Charlie Brown” trees a few months ago at the BSOP meeting and I picked this guy up. It’s thriving and I can see some potential!

I think it’s a Chinese Elm, but the leaves seem too small?

Tried to get decent photos. Appreciate any guesses.

Looks like a Chinese Elm

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I agree with SoCalNative. Definitely a Chinese elm.

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I had a similar discussion recently how to separate Ulmus from Zelkova, I kind of concluded Ulmus has a double serrated leaf and an asymmetric leaf base, making this a Zelkova.

If I am wrong please tell me how to differentiate Zelkova from Ulmus.

This looks pretty identical to my Chinese Elm. One of these pictures is what it looks like this morning (In MN, Zone 4a, I think). The close up of the foliage was taken last year during summer.

That does look like it. I guess I’ll go with Chinese Elm until someone tells me otherwise!