Golden Dewdrop - 40 year old / hot weather

Dear all,

Today my colleagues gifted me a golden dewdrop bonsai. The seller said it is 35-40 years old. It has a gorgeous trunk and it looks like a formal upright style.

I live in Sharjah, UAE. It is now 11:00 pm and the temp outside is 31 C (app says: feels like 38. Humidity 63%.) I keep my other bonsai outside on a balcony, facing SW. The sun only shines on them around 5:00 pm. UAE weather is always warm, the lowest is 15-18 C.

[1] Can I keep it outside, next to the ficus, olive, elm, fukien and aromatic pepper? They seem to be OK so far.

[2] I have read that it loves water. Does this mean I should (or can) water it twice a day if it gets really hot next Summer?

[3] What is the best fertilizer formula for it, and how often?

[4] Can it tolerate blood meal this time of year?

Thank you so much.

I was just curious what bonsai can be cultivated in UAE so googled. You might find it useful too. Check this out

Hi there. I sppreciate the link. Now I know it will produce poisonous fruit. Hehe. I’d better keep my grandson away from this balcony.

So I will keep it outside. Right now, as I noticed when I got it, some of its leaves are browning at the tips. The app said it’s due to lack of fertilizer.