God or bad? Pinus banksiana styling

Hello ladies and gents.
As they say on reddit, roast this tree :). Nursery grown pinus banksiana, dirt cheap. First styling recently done. Good? Bad? If bad, how’d you improve it?
Thanks and have a great week!


I like it! Good job.

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l like it too. For slight “improvements” -round or flatten apex with more movement to right. Fertilize to develop more ramification. Great buy.

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Thanks a lot. Pretty happy with it.

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Agreed about the top. Didn’t want to touch the candles. Shocked the poor tree enough :joy:. For <$30 i feel good about this purchase :))


Very good, I like this very elegant style :slight_smile:

Thanks. I seem to have a fetish for feminine trees :)).

It is calming to look at. When you look back at your photos and knowing which branches you selected would you have done anything differently?

I always love these style. it looks great imo

Mainly like it but notice one thing. It seems all or most branches go left or right and not 3 dimensional. :wink: