Fungus or physical damage?

Hey All,

I have some leaf damage springing up on several plants around the yard.

Sweetgum, Pomegranate, and Hornbeam are all noticeably affected with possibly minor damage on others. Many trees however do not show any signs of the same damage. The ones affected are not all next to each other so it doesnt seem localized to one specific area.

We had rain and thunderstorms last week, so plenty of water and wind. What does everyone think? Is this fungal or wind / sun / other physical damage?

If fungal, do you have a possible diagnosis or what do you use to treat a mystery fungus?

I actually think it might be thrip. There are some seriously tiny species that get into the buds of new growth and damage (eat) them before they emerge/extend into leaf. I have experienced very similar looking damage on tridents, occurring as new growth emerged in Spring over a few years… they looked particularly like your hornbeam images and this is what I believed caused it.
Not sure if this is the same, but I sprayed with a systemic which helped. Also FYI I sprayed in winter the following year and had no recurrence this Spring.
Just my 2 cents… good luck with it.