Frangula caroliniana- Carolina Buckthorn

Anyone have any experience with Frangula caroliniana common name (Carolina Buckthorn)? I planted one in a container before I knew what Bonsai was a few years ago. It’s very shrub like in growth pattern (not apically dominant). It flowers on new growth ( when in the ground) …that’s all I have learned to this point. Not sure if this is known poor bonsai species such as: "strobis, ponderosa, American beech and many other native NA species that might just be misunderstood when using one size fits all techniques? Btw I bam not bad mouthing those species or deterring anyone from the pursuit of them…I have several of all of them in many stages and find the exploration and observation a worth while way to spend your time!

Any help or insight would be appreciated or even what questions should I be asking and observing for!

I have common buckthorn and they behave entirely different…