For those that were wondering about cold vs hot weather CPES

@MattATK I believe it was you in the stream? Apparently it applies to the ambient temperatures at application/curing time.


thank you for clearing this up, id love to see a demonstration on use and cautions. Is its really applied in a way that no one can tell its there once its cured? Zero change in colour? Zero change in texture?

Check the M@M thread. Troy treats his pomegranate with it.

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hey Bently,

I looked at the linked thread and I saw the pom in the video and pictures but I didn’t see any application technique by Troy. Maybe I passed over it?

Oh, lemme look up the stream.

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Here you go

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Thank you, i watched that informative video. Have you used the penetrating epoxy? I wish Troy had shown what it looks like after it dries, or months after as he casually indicated. I guess it does leave a sort of colour/texture difference otherwise he wouldnt have to feather it

I’ve used PC wood hardener. It is a tad shiny at first, but dulls over time.

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perfect thanks bently

That was useful.
I wonder why Troy didn’t seal the whole piece of deadwood?