Flower in Larch


I’d like to know how encourage my Larch to make cones.

It has at least 10 years and a mature structure and bark the first 5cm. of the nebari.


I didn’t think to ask while I was at Mirai what in courages the cones to start. They were sure beautiful though.


I was not aware you could STOP them. My largish Japanease larch is one big lavander flower when it blooms.(female flowers). The male flowers hang down.

My little tennish year old forest .
Usually cut all but 2-6. Usually fertile.


Pretty cones, I like them :heart_eyes:

You cut them and I want them :rofl:
Nice larches KurtP!

Nick Lenz would say,“needle pluck in the summer. Next spring, many flower. less needle.”

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Here is another close up of the cone.


Interesting fact…I’ve not heard anything about it :sweat_smile:

Defoliation of larch is not a common thing. It stresses the tree pretty hard, this stress is what induces the coning. Its important to ramp up fertility and health prior to larch defoliation.

I was just about to tell her to check out Nick’s book. “Bonsai From the Wild”
I’m not sure I’m brave enough to try it though… lol

Larch needle plucking.?..:rofl::rofl::laughing::wink:. Me, no.
I DO cut new growth all summer. >5 flushes of new growth, back to 1-2 buds. I Keep the trees VERY small. Finished design state. Small 7 tree forest < 10" tall. One 30" . See above. I also have an unfinished 20 tree forest, 30".
Japanese larch are an elongating species. Grow all summer and cut back–when you are growing the design. My favorite. Easy to grow and maintain. Always pretty. Especially spring!
GO Marai!

I’ve lost two european larches, because I left all the flowers and resulting cones on the tree. I now remove them and have not lost another one since. I’m told that the flowers and cones use up so much of the energy produced by the tree that it cannot store enough for the following year to be able to survive. (upload://tDaGqv93zrlFvOpOQalK0fQ3EW2.jpg)