Five Needle Pine development

I have an Eastern White Pine in early development, this year’s growth is just starting to harden off and I’m trying to decide what to do next. Most branches have 2+ candles with many have 5-6, should I use the post harden pruning time now to shoot select down to 2s or should I leave all new shoots to accumulate energy?

What are you trying to accomplish any of the 5 goals of development. If so then don’t prune. If your trying to move into refinement than it may be time to shoot select.

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Thickening and backbudding are main goals now. Just worried about creating structural flaws.

How much thickening are you hoping to achieve? Do you have a picture?

Would like to see the trunk thicken but mainly just a little thickening on structural branches, there is basically no taper right now. Picture attached, I did my first styling before joining Mirai, so didn’t know what to do with apex and currently have some pretty sketchy wiring on it.