Fertilizing Schedule - How do you keep up with it?

I started bonsai about five years ago and now have about 40 trees in different stages of development.

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keep a diary, that works for me

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I keep the trees in early development together and check them every other day. The trees in refinement need more attention, and I do not feed them at all in the spring… so more attention, less fertilizer. The number I have in refinement is low, so I can keep up easily.

Thanks, Albie. I have an inventory of each tree for other information, but maybe I need a diary just for fertilizing. Thanks for the tip. H

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Bonsai_bob, I considered rearranging my trees. Right now, I have them grouped by specie which makes the sun/shade requirement easier; but grouping by stages of development would simplify the problem I’m having as far as keeping up with the fertilizing times/needs of each tree. Thanks for your comments. H

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I have my more refined trees (which are only a few) grouped together, and then trees in similar stages of development together. I use the calendar on my phone to set reminders for when and which trees I need to fertilize. I also include any pertinent notes in the reminders.

I’ve also found that, by spending some time with my trees each day (in addition to just maintaining them), I can better remember what they need.

Lastly, you could develop a personal way of leaving messages for yourself on the benches by the trees. I remember Ryan said in a stream that they place different numbers of small stones by trees to remember things and communicate between their team (like if Ryan needed to let Troy know something).

Hope this helps!


ROCK ON MIRAI… :heart_eyes:


I am a color code person. A green gravel stone with date written on it for when last fertilized. An Edding dot on the fertiliser bag tells me how much. A brown gravel stone with the year on it tells me when last repotted… A A short chopstick in the corner of the bonsai pot with an Edding color dot tells me if I need to treat for mites or aphids, or fungus etc and a date when last applied.
I need this method, because I tend to lose track of diary entries.
You will eventually find your personal modus operandi. Keep it simple… :sunglasses:

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