Fertilization and Top Dressing

Can anyone recommend a Mirai Live video or Q&A where Ryan goes over fertilization? I’m planning on trying his top dressing moss mix, but I wasn’t sure how fertilization would work with cakes or tea bags over the moss.

June 9, 2017 stream about Kimura’s Garden show the trees top dressed and fertilizer baskets placed on most of the trees in the garden. Ryan’s ideas about fertilizing and top dressing were learned in Japan and he repeatedly says that Kimura’s genius was in strength and vitality of the trees in order to be able to do the radical transplanting and significant structural manipulations that they did on these valuable trees
Look closely at the soil and learn what generations of bonsai growers can teach us.


The moss dies where the fertilizer sits. When the fertilizer is gone, the moss grows back, so as you rotate fertilizer locations, the moss recovers.


Go to the live Q&A index and Live stream topic index, hit CMD+F (for mac) or CTL+F (for PC), and a search bar should appear in your browser in the right-hand corner. Type in fertilzation or fertilizer, whatever keyword and you will be guided to the Q&A’s and live streams that have that topic in it.

For starters with the live stream, I would go to Spring Fundamentals (this one is the clearest), Energy Distribution, and Growth Perpetuation.

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Thanks for the help everyone! The indexes are amazing btw.