Feeding Scots Pine

Hi, I have one Scots Pine and my intention is keep the shape pinching the new growth.

I’ve been finding in Q&A but I didn’t find the ideal moment to fertilize.

Can you help me?!

I guess there is no “ideal” moment to fertilize that can be applied to every tree/area. It all depends what you want the tree to do, at which stage the tree is in (development or refinement) and the season.
If u are referring to the tree in the picture, it would most probably be in a refinement stage, thus u need to fertilize less often and with less quantity.
I suggest that you check out the videos where Ryan talks about Fertilization. I think it’ s the SPRING FUNDAMENTALS video in the archives.

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Yes, I want to refine it. the candles are elongating now and I have no feed yet.

I saw this video but I don’t remember what Ryan said.
I’ll watch it again!

I show you de shoots.

Thank you!!

I think he said something along the line of, fertilizing gives longer candles/needles. So a good time to hold of in spring.
Most important time to fertilize is of ourse fall:)

I disagree. Ryan Neil advocates fertilizing from spring through fall, needle length for single flush short needle pines is dictated by ramification, and pinching to control the size of the crown - strong > medium > weak.

See pinching to design for full details:



Yea, just saw that video. Fertizile away!

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