Examples of vigorous growth with Rocky Mountain Juniper?

Vigorous vs healthy growth on a Rocky Mountain Juniper.

Examples of these stages. I understand that Rocky Mountain Junipers elongate and then mound.

Thank you!

How about this one? Tree is about 900 years old…collected by Randy Knight, and taken to Natures Way Nursery in Harrisburg, Pa.


Isn’t Randy Knight the RMJ collecting king? I’ve heard that he knows all the best, and secret, collecting spots.

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Thank you @flex.

I am asking as I have a RMJ from Randy Knight.

Here is a before and after.
About and 8 month time laps between photos.
March 2017

September 2017


…That is very SWEET! Did Randy give you an estimated age?

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No, I didn’t ask for an age estimate of the tree. It looks old.

Looking at your photo, I would believe my tree is healthy, but quite vigorous. I had hoped to style this tree, but it seems I will wait another full grow year.

Looks pretty healthy to me,
:gem: also a free accent plant is included from the collected area!!!
Are there legs on the box to increase aeration?:thinking:
Inquiring minds want to know some of Randy’s techniques.

Amazing deadwood!!! Definitely not a one man tree.

:nerd_face: I have not seen the drawer handles used on a box before. Are they bolted on?

The legs are just a cheap way to hold up a heavy box.

I think Randy packed in half the mountain.

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Yes they are drilled into the box.

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