Rocky Mountain Juniper species guide

I’ve come across some RMJs recently. They’ve been off my radar because one doesn’t encounter them very much in SC, so I haven’t paid attention to their care. Can someone share some tips (soil, water, fertilizer, sprays (for bugs/disease?) ) on how to keep them healthy and vigorous, …or provide a link?

So… the federal data base does not list South Carolina as an area to find RMJ’s. Is it possibly another species?
Species: Juniperus scopulorum AND OCCURRENCE
USDA Plants Database
Can you take an example to an extension service office to give you an identification?
It is difficult to identify species from photos. The foliage, branch distribution and bark should hopefully give the answer.:thinking:

I’m certain what I have is RMJ. It’s not collected in SC. I mentioned that because I haven’t seen many RMJ, collected or not, around here. Having come across RMJ that I decided to bring home, I’m interested in what others have found is necessary to keep it happy since SC is likely a different climate than RMJ’s native range.

What I’ve heard so far is that they need all the sun I can give them, lots of drainage (Lava, akadama, and pumice, …with maybe a bit more pumice), …and more sun. I suspect that the winters of SC won’t approach the hardiness of RMJs so I’m not worried in that regard.

I wonder about Fungus and insect susceptibility.