Rocky Mountain juniper in Maine

I really want a RMJ, but heard that they will not grow here in Maine. I am in southern Maine, USD zone 5b. Has anyone have success in growing RMJ in the northeast where it is cold and wet most of the year?

Beware species envy. Ryan shows off his RMJ because that’s what will grow there. Even so, RMJ are more difficult to grow than other junipers. Don’t compound that with a climate where they can’t survive.

I am very aware of zone envy, but RMJ are naturally growing in zone 5b and colder to zone 3b. I do realize that St. Helens is more like zone 7b, but if they grow in zone 5b and hardy to 3b. Then they should do fine in Southern Maine zone 5b. Right?

I had a friend who had one in Northern Vermont for years. He did keep it in a cold greenhouse during the winter. Protection from the long winter and the minus 20 degree nights but it was always in very good health.
Or is the concern for the shorter growing season?
I have seen several in Massachusetts at Bonsai West and New England Bonsai. They can’t be that much further south.
My concern would be the price tag for trying.
Unless you are driving out west to collect yourself it will be like buying a new car! :laughing:
Good luck
I have always wanted one too.


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