Eugenia uniflora leaves turn yellow

i have a Eugenia uniflora tree, and it is placed in partial shade. it gets morning sun for 3-4 hours.
lately i see on the older lower leaves that they turn a bit yellow. i wander why, since i water regularly and give liquid fertilizer.

could it be that the tree needs more light?


Is it only the older leaves?

i think so yes. the new leaves look ok and grow big

Tropical trees will often drop old leaves as it replaces them with new growth. If the new growth seems healthy, I wouldn’t be concerned.

i asked in a local nursery and they said that this was caused due to over fertelizing
so i guess this maybe the reason since i saw this effect on all of my trees…
i guess too much love is not that good :slight_smile:

Ah, yes. If it’s affecting all of your trees it’s definitely something environmental, like too much fertilizer love.