Energy bank account

How long after the the tree becomes energy positive will it restore the reserves it used for the growth it just pushed out? Not looking for a specific amount of time, just rough idea.

From the streams, tree return to an energy positive state when the new growth hardens off. It also seems like a tree has enough resources for maybe 3 pushes of growth in a season (deciduous). But when it becomes energy positive it’s reserves will be less then where it started when it started adding growth.

The reason for the question is that we went from early spring to mid-summer in the matter of a week and have an Japanese Maple in development that got sun scorch. It has budded up again in early/mid August and is pushing new growth. I fertilized it, hoping there is enough time for it to grow, harden off, and restore its reserves before fall.

I am in Denver, so looking at about 8 weeks before it would normally drop it’s leaves.

Hi @ken73
If the new flush has hardened off you should be ok. However, it sounds like your maple has had to work hard this season, so maybe give it a little extra care over the Denver winter, especially early cold snaps.

Thanks Andy!!!

It is the end of September and some new growth has hardened off, but still pushing new growth.

It is in a pot, so it will probably be wondering in and out of the garage this winter.

From the latest Q & A’s, Ryan addressed fertilizing late summer, early fall. Sounds like a good rule of thumb is 6 to 8 weeks before the leaves normally turn to allow the tree to push new growth and harden off for winter.

Leaves me curious about the underlying math. Couple of assumptions, tree is in development, has enough reserves for 3 pushes of growth (bank account of 3, no overdraft, game over at 0), and a healthy tree.

After the first push of growth, it’s balance will be 2 upon becoming energy positive.

Is there a rough rule of thumb on how long it takes for the tree to replace that unit of growth?

Also, assuming that the more refined the tree, the more we flirt with this balance. Want health, but not huge flushes of growth.