Don’t Wait, Inspect and Take Action


So I’m new to Mirai and I wanted to start this thread to talk about purchasing pre-bonsai “Nurcery Stock.”

When I get new material I try not to rush to make a Bonsai. I study, change angles, and also just allow the plant acclimate. I’m in so-cal and from location to lactation moving a tree from location-X at the nursery to my yard could be a complete change in light and temp and water.

I like to allow the tree time to adjust in location and sometimes it is not ideal to repot (Season). However… (Start of discussion):

I have been reluctant to examine the rootball upon purchase, I’m not talking about buttress or flaring. (Nurcery Stock Pt.1-Mirai Video). I’m talking about that root “mess” at the bottom. I have noticed that 50% of the material I have selected or purchased from Bonsai-focused nursery’s.

I have now lost 3 semi-expensive bonsai before I have even start the journey! I am now at the point after watching a few of Ryan’s teachings that I’m like DONT WAIT… here is my perspective of why and what.

  1. Pre-Potting Work finding flare buttress and removing soil on top
  2. Pre-Potting Work #2 reduce any soil gaps down low. (I have discovered a few gaps of soil that are void of healthy roots and soil contact.
  3. Just take the bottom 1/2 inch off immediately. It may be compacted, and it may be infested.
  4. Compaction Compaction Compaction (Balance Water/O2), I could soak this material for hours and it won’t matter!!!

In my final thought and I am open for comment Mirai… When your buying pre-bonsai. Activate initial health work, this is not a full breakdown of the soil mass but an assessment of the (Water & O2). If you remove the material from the initial container and you see a block of root and dirt “take some action.”

I have been removing “at a minimum the bottom 1/2 inch” then I scratch the sides of the root ball loosen 1/4 - 1/2 inch of soil and roots some trimming with shears. Finally, I will reuse the container and put 1” of Spag-Moss and I repack the sides “chopstick” some Spag-Moss on the sides or gaps around the container. Water well and wait for the correct time to repot Season or Health.

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