Do we have rust here?

Hi guys,

i recognized on some of my trees small dark spots on the foliage like here on this little maple:

I think it is rust. First i wasn’t worried about it but now i start recognizing that the rust is slowly creeping along my table and start infecting more and more trees. Should i consider spraying or is it not that bad as we are already turning into fall and the leaves will drop in 1-2 months anyway.

How will it be next spring? will the rust come back the same way or even stronger? I am happy about every advise. I just want to be careful with sprays and chemicals as i recognize that the trees are doing much better as i reduced using chemicals to a minimum the last two years.

Thanks for your help

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That’s fungus alright.
I’d spray it once to keep it under control and once more after leafdrop to clean it up.