Deformed maple leaves

Hello All,
My Japanese maples are pushing out a new flush of growth but they are deformed on some of my trees. It doesn’t look like there are any bugs so I’m guessing its fungal? Any suggestions for a cure would be most helpful. Thanks!

Definitely looks fungal. Like a form of peach leaf curl. If the tree has not been partially defoliated, you can trim off the infected leaves. Be sure to dispose of them, and not let leaves fall in to pots or on the ground. The fungus can spread to other trees, or keep perpetuating the fungus on to itself. The leaves will start falling off after about a week, be sure to keep an eye on things, and clean up often. Do not remove all the leaves at once. Partially defoliate, then manage from there, until you can apply a domant spray.

Dormant sprays are the best way to prevent this type of fungus, best applied after the leaves fall later in the year. Copper based fungicides work well.


Thanks David! Ill give it a try. In addition to the recommendations above, is there something you would recommend i apply now to slow the spread? Draconyl or Infuse maybe?

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Unfortunately there isn’t a whole lot you can do at this point.
Spray in the fall when the leaves fall off, spray again in early spring before new leaves start.

Ok, live and learn. thanks for the help!

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Hope it all goes well. I have two trees with leaf curl right now. A plum and a nectarine tree. Going through the same process!

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