Deformed Black Pine

Hi, folks. I recently purchased a black pine from an online auction site.
When I received it, I saw that all the branch tips had an odd shape=flattened into a semicircle, with multiple buds on the outer edge of the semicircle. Someone told me that this is a deformity called fascination and could be caused by a bacterial infection or a genetic defect. Do any of you have any experience with this and know of a way to treat it? It can manifest in any species of plant, and I’m concerned that if it is a bacterial infection that it could spread to my other bonsai. If so, I’ll have to destroy the tree if I can’t find a treatment. Thanks!

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Hi Potlucky

I believe the term you are looking for is ‘fasciation’.
Fasciation: What It Is and How It Can Affect Your Plants | The Seed Collection.

I am most familiar with it in lilies where it seems to happen one year with mulltiple blooms but then go back to normal growth the following year. This site may assist you.

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thank you so much. The article is just what I needed. And now I also know the correct term. ::slight_smile:

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