Could I dig deeper for rootbound nebari? I watched Ryan work on his root bound F. Sylvatica and his roots weren't mounded like mine up top

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Does my question make sense? Can you all see the pictures?

Are you asking if you should dig deeper into the soil from the top to find the nebari?

From the picture it looks like there is a good rootflare going. Maybe you’ll find more if you go deeper. Maybe not.

I would be digging into roots… So, I decided to discover more when I remove more soil in the repot next year.
I wrote this post in the excitement of repot lol.

Thanks for the reponse, anyways

Yeah, it’s really tough to tell from pictures if there will be more hidden under the soil or not. You just gotta search and search.

I’ve definitely dug too far on a few deciduous pieces where the trunk starts tapering back. That’s where you need to stop and start working up from the bottom.

Deciduous trees definitely likes to put out adventitious roots if they are buried in soil deeper than the structural roots. If you have a good root mass on the bottom, you can clean those upper roots away as you dig down.

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I have too. It’s not the best feeling scraping off roots that could add to the nebari. I chop stick so slowly when I get to areas near the base.