Cottonwood Hardwood Collection w/ Mistletoe?

I have been out scouting Cottonwood cuttings to be taking and I nabbed this one
only to notice when I got home that it had some little green things growing in the bark. I know mistletoe commonly affects these trees where I live, but I didn’t see any on the tree when I took the cuttings (it is winter atm) so I was curious if this is something else or how I should treat it if it is mistletoe (I know usually you just cut off a foot in front of the affected branch or wrap it up in something for a year or two so it doesn’t get a change to regrow after cutting it off.)

Awsome idea… never saw mistletoe in cottonwood here.
Your url posts didn’t open, though.

Dang, thanks for the heads up. I’ll link them a different way

Certainly possible, but I wouldn’t worry too much. I’ve had several pines collected with mistletoe. I’ve just rubbed off the buds. With lots of light, water and fertilizer the infestations have disappeared within a year. Though I can’t speak to how that might affect rooting this cutting

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Great point about the rooting portion. Good to know that it eventually isn’t a problem.

I have it in water atm, after about a week I’ll pot it up and keep it moist for a good rooting chance.