Colorado Spruce Backbudding

Hello everyone!

I recently styled a Colorado spruce and am now seeking advice on techniques, fertilization, and nutrition to promote backbudding. Any tips or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Photo of the tree:


On my colorado in a grow box I put bio gold heavy dosage in 4 locations. Grow box size is 24"x12"x12. It did take 12 months in the grow box before I saw any heavy bud push and that was just at the tips of shoots. I didnt see buds push from old wood till 24 months. Then I did the secondary styling and now im just going to let it grow un-checked so i can repot next spring. Also I found that any drooping branches were wired at least to a level that the tips were not faving down other wise they dont get buds to push.

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Thanks for the advice, this grow box is pretty much exact size as yours!

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I pinch to improve ramification and hope for more backbuds. The bear supplies organic fertilizer. :grinning:

You need to let buds develop and drop their caramel colored sheath before pinching. Many years of development to build good roots. My experience is the roots grow slowly.