Collected Ponderosa Pine #1

Hi All,

I’m starting a thread on this Ponderosa Pine I collected In April of 2021 in the Cascade Range. It’s the first Ponderosa I have collected. It was growing perfectly in a small rock pocket and only one small tap root about the size of a pencil needed to be cut for removal. It went into pure pumice upon getting home, and wood blocks were placed in the anderson flat to keep the root mass constricted. Over the growing season, it didn’t skip a beat with a full flush of new growth.

It’s not a particularly “gnarly” individual, but I love the aged bark and dead branches up the trunk. Long-term I think this will make a nice bunjin/literati composition. For now, it’s going to live as-is through at least one more growing season.

Any thoughts or comments appreciated. These photos were taken in November of 2021 for reference.


Nice collection,

Still looks to need another year or so of recovery

Nice bark


I’d say at least two more years. Let it be until the needles start to get long. Once you see the foliage mass begin to increase, then you know you’re there.