Chinese Pistachio arrival

New arrival today of a Chinese Pistachio. I have had my eye in this for the last few months and just loved the aged bark so much that I finally gave in and bought it. Now time to reflect and live with this guy for a while to decide what I am going to do with regards to styling.

. Sorry. It’s Pistacio lentiscus not chinensis


Great bark, I like the foliage too!


So after living with the Pistachio for a good while I finally set about the initial styling. It’s not traditional but I’m happy with the result. There was far more dead areas under that old bark than I thought and tomorrow I’ll apply lime sulphur and get some definition. Lots of little details to carve in the dead wood. But slowly slowly seems to work best for me Uploading: 1BA5F687-8726-4ECD-BBAF-B5FD05514477.jpeg… for me

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