Cherry tree cuttings

These cherry tree cuttings were taken and rooted last Spring. Leafing out now after spending the winter dormant in my garage. Should I separate and pot them up individually this year (and if so, when), or allow them to grow together for another season, then separate and repot them in Spring of the 2024?

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What are you hoping to accomplish with them? Thicken, let run and get as big as possible? How close are the trunks to the final diameter you are hoping for?

I generally like to repot individually or as clumps after they have been confirmed to have rooted. With the leaves they have you will need to be careful to not disturb the roots too much and may want to treat them as cuttings until they show more growth.

What type of cherry tree? How and when did you do the cuttings/rooting. I have not had much luck with the double flowering ornamental cherry in the neighbor’s yard.

I intend to make individual shohin or mame bonsai; possibly plant one in the front lawn as a regular tree. Need to thicken the trunks regardless of purpose.

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Hi Marty,

These are sand cherry cuttings taken from a 4 foot tree one year ago. I dug up that tree from a friend’s garden about 5 years ago. It was about 15” high at the time.

I too prefer to grow trees individually. Question is whether I allow the cuttings to grow together for another year or separate and repot now. Planning to create shohin or mame and might plant one in the front lawn and grow it as a regular tree.

Thanks. You will get a better nebari if you give them room to grow roots in all directions. That means individual pots ASAP.

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I would be extremely careful and go into individual pots if thats the case

Very nice cuttings! I tried last year without success.
When do you take the cuttings? Before it flowers?

I took these cuttings in May after flowering. Semi-hardwood cuttings. Looks like I did something right - all but one cutting are pushing new growth.


Ouh, I see. I did before it flowered, epic fail.
Definitely trying again. Thanks!