Rootin Ume (Prunus Mume) cuttings

I would be interested in rooting ume. I have a tree in the garden that is grafted on the 1,5m understock. Would like to take some cuttings and root them so that I can start few bonsai trees. However I hear they root pretty poorly. Any advice on getting higher success ratio? Like should I

  • take 1-year or older wood
  • should I take cuttings now in the winter or later after flowering
  • have them cuttings mature in cold wet sand or do something else
  • or …?

P.S.: Was not sure if this belongs here or into Horticulture…


I moved this thread to horticulture!

I’m looking to air layer one of my Ume’s, but I understand that they can be a finaquie. If anyone has had any experience with this species please let us know.

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Did you have any luck? I’ve got 60 cuttings of new growth in a flat under a translucent bin since my mist system is …“down for maintenance” right now. I used old Dip-N-Grow on half, and old D-N-G & Clonex on the other half. I hit 'em with mist every chance I can (or when I remember to.)

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