CANCELLED: Live Q+A 1/31/19

Hi all–

I am so sorry for any inconvenience this causes, but we have to cancel the Live Q+A tomorrow. Our last free hour of Ryan’s time tomorrow was going to be Live Q+A, and he has to take his son to the doctor.

Forum Q+A will still be filmed tomorrow–we have room for 3 more questions so get them in!

Again, so sorry for the inconvenience & we will resume Live Q+A next week on Wednesday, time TBD!

home little man is ok. family first. all the best


Little guy is totally fine - pretty routine appointment, just had to happen ASAP, and it happened to be 3pm tomorrow! Thanks Hakan :slight_smile:


There’s a saying in several communities I belong to: Real Life First, Always.

Health to Ryan and all the little Ryans!


Prayers that all are well and safe. Family is always the top priority!

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