Bougi Health and Defoliating

I root pruned and repotted this Bougi back in June. I defoliated after the repot and it’s been growing back it’s green leaves. It hasn’t bloomed as well as I expected. Lately it’s been dropping a lot of it red leaves, it has been very wet this summer. Could of this be the reason ?

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it probably just needs time to recover if you root pruned and defoliated. in addition to adjusting to its new environment. the red leaves"bracts" naturally die off and will push numerous flushes of bracts with flowers all year long in any season.

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I’m also going to say it needs a little longer to recover. Depending on how much you root pruned, and how vigorous it was before, it may take a little longer to recover. That, and maybe it hasn’t been warm enough with all the rain. As long as the soil drains well, you should be ok though.

I have a white one, with beautiful bracts, but it’s a much slower grower than my reds or pink.