Tropical Prunning

So listening to the stream on pruning basics, my Bougi is has bright red leaves at the fowers and many green leaves throughout. It seems to me it’s in its energy negative state and I need to wait to prune?

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That’s would be my understanding. The tree spent the money from the bank to make all those leaves and flowers… energy negative. You might check out some species details on which season is good to prune and then read the trees behavior.

I watched the live stream as well, and was confused on a few topics, but recently attended a nearby bonsai club meeting where he evaluated several Bougainvillas. I have three trees. The main thing I questioned, and he again restated, was that to have the tree “grow” you need to cut the blooms off. The bloom branches are different/separate from the growth branches. My trees were in full bloom as well, but I went ahead and removed all blooms and the stems the blooms were on. Definitely don’t look as beautiful, but growth is my goal. He also said they like and need high nitrogen, so when you look at your fertilizer, make sure the “first number” is the largest amount- it represent the nitrogen content. Finally, he recommends a fertilizer product called Harrell’s. I went on line- and living in Florida found out it is a company that supplies products to nurseries and golf courses- especially for turf. Some of us have found a bonsai nursery that uses it, so we hope to contact them and work something out if possible. Hope this helps you.

My tree is getting out of bloom, the flowers and bracts are drying and falling off the tree. I have very little non bloom branches. I gave

the tree a light trim of leggy growth and removed dead branches. Not sure what to do next. The bonsai nursery where I purchased tree recommended a fertilizer called “Bougain”. Found some on Amazon for $13 for two pounds.

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When removing the bracts, do I clip at the bottom of the stem where it meets the branch?

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