Bonsai display table -resin?

Before I take on making an outdoor display table, resin poured I figured I should check if any of you crazy tree loving creatives has given this a shit already? Searched the web with out any bonsai specific results.


I think it has potential. However, just like elaborate pots and stands we it comes down to what will draw the eye. The tree, the pot, the stand, the table?

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Epoxy resin is commonly used in wooden boat building and can hold up to the elements with a couple of considerations. Exposure to UV will eventually cause the resin to yellow. You will want to use a UV inhibiting top coat which gets re-applied every year. Second, direct exposure to high temps can compromise the resin. Depending on your zone this may or may not be an issue.

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I was thinking marine grade epoxy to deal with the UV and I was under the impression that was UV resistant. I did not know about a top coat to protect from the UV, so that’s helpful thank you!