Black sage Artemesia yellowing of leaves

Hi friends ,

This is a black sage - Artemesia that was doing well in spring and have started showing yellowing of inner leaves .

My guess is overwatering but if there are sage experts please share your thoughts .

Am in zone 4 Minnesota .

Black sage, Artemesia nova (?), should be an evergreen (kept its leaves all winter)… clip or pull off last years dying leaves? The new tips ends appear to be the proper color ( a nice grey- olive green…)
If yours is decideous…? in Mininesota…! let it get a little drier…, and clip the dying leaves off…
This link downloads a file…
Post a photo of the whole plant, I would love to see it!
I have several large perenial A. absenthium (I think…) I encourage in my garden… I love the smell. The dried leaves are suppose to drive off bugs…

I just watched the sage stream and this was mentioned. This is normal for sage leaves. Everything looks really healthy

Thanks both of you ! Yeah I watched the sage stream too and checked with the collector - Andrew smith . These are collected in high elevation of harsh winter and extremely dry climate . They start growing way earlier than others and then when the spring flush is done , they tend to shed older leaves which are not photosynthetically efficient .

Fascinating species !


Sage pushes two flushes of leaves. The first in early spring which then dies in early summer with a second smaller leaf push after that. I just remove the yellow/brown leaves.
I have two sagebrush. A Black Sage and a Big Wyoming. Both are quite hardy and vigorous. I live in Milwaukee, WI. I do over winter mine in my garage with temp control around 35-40. They push early in the spring, so when looking to repot keep an eye on them so you don’t miss the window.