Best time to take Chinese elm cutting?

Hi all,
Im struggling with propagating. Love elms and cant get cutting to take.

Is there ideal time of year, size of cutting. Placement of container.

How long should rooting take?

Share me your success’s please.

Best Paul

Paul. Chinese elms should take pretty easily. Use a 50/50 multi purpose compost and perlite. Use a six inch cutting and strip the lower leaves. Dip into a rooting powder/or gel. I cover with a polythene bag and put a small hole in the top to provide humidity. Don’t let them get too hot. Should root within a couple of weeks. Maybe missed the optimum time period, but I have always found elms to be pretty straight forward to root. Hope this helps


Nice 1 Nick, ive not covered previously. Guess thats why iv failed. Im guessing i keep soil mix damp?

You can also wait until leaf drop, then cut them off as hardwood cuttings and put them in bonsai soil. Then water them like you do the other trees and they will sprout leaves in Spring.

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Yes keep it damp and avoid watering again until absolutely necessary.

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Hi Nate, thanks for this idea. Would i cover cuttings as leaf’d way? When do the roots start showing with this method?

Honestly, I’d youtube videos on taking softwood cuttings and follow their directions. They are generally the same between species, especially easy to root species such as Chinese Elm.

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