Best books on bonsai aesthetics?

Any recommendation about books explaining in detail the rules about aesthetics in bonsai and any other art books interesting with rules applicable to bonsai?


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Principles of Bonsai Design by David De Groot recently published and very pricey. I’m interested but have not purchased or looked through it yet.


I have the softcover and agree it is quite good. At US$35 for a 264 page hardcover book with 500 photos I would not list it as very pricey. Compared to some of the textbooks my students have to buy it is dirt cheap.

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I’ve seen it priced for $129, where did you buy yours? I would definitely invest in the book at $35.

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Stone Lantern $35

Pacific Bonsai Museum $32


Nice thanks! I’ll be owning a copy as well very soon.

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