Best Acadama Brand

I noticed in Ryan’s videos that the acadama he uses is more fine the the brand I use which is what I would prefer. Where does one find a good brand of acadama? The brand I used is attached.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

Where did you source your bag?
Its not the quality, its the size.
It appears your akadama SIZE is large… or medium.
You probably want medium or small. I buy the small.
Sift it and see.
Way more to it than that. Watch the appropriate repotting videos on Mirai. Dont let the depth of info disuade you. I didnt use akadama for the first 20 years. Got along just fine.
Good luck.
Bonsai On!


I agree, that does look like the large grain size. A big portion of that bag will be larger than 1/4 inch. That is great for your airation layer but as @Kurt said the next size down will have much more in the preferred particle size range of greater than 1/8in or 3mm and smaller than 1/4in or 6mm.

Good akadama is crushable between your fingers with some applied pressure and force, it shouldn’t just disintegrate without some effort.
Your bag appears to be good quality. I do not see a bunch of dust, and the bag looks like it has not settled a whole lot.