Screening soil; reducing the size of akadama particles

I find myself with akadama with particle sizes as large as 1/2". Is there any way I can screen out these oversize granules and crush them gently to get down to 1/4"? Akadama is a scarce resource and I hate to waste it, but I have no idea what I will do with these overlarge pieces. If not, in what situation would you use akadama that is this large?

Does anyone have a favorite commercial screening set that they use? I’m using the standard set with 3 screens and a hoop but not satisfied with it because I’m having difficulty screening out the smaller useable particles from the mix I currently have. I know it is a function of the opening sizes, of course, but would like to know what works well for other people.

And yes, I will go watch the soil prep videos.

Thanks in advance,

I throw out the smallest particles that are sifted through the smallest screen
The particles that stay between the smallest screen and the medium screen I save, as well as the particles between the largest and medium. Anything above largest screen I use for air aeration layer

I make my own screens from 3/inch, 4/inch, 8/inch wire mesh and window screen (nominally 16-20/inch). I use the particles between the 3/in and 4/in for the aeration layer and have crushed some of the particles and rescreened them. They will no long have the rounded shape of the parent akadama and it can be difficult to crush them to a usable size without creating lots of dust.

Thanks, Marty, I will give that a try.

What you could try is to use 2 strips of 1/4" material (wood, plastic, etc.) of whatever length you want spaced the width of a rolling pin apart. Put the larger akadama grains in between the strips. Then roll the rolling pin down the strips and crush the large akadama pieces. It won’t give you uniform 1/4 inch grains, but they will not be more than 1/4 inch. Just an idea. Or just use the larger pieces for the aeration layer.