Beech forest potting

I received a handful of Beech seedlings from a local nursery here in Fortuna. After 5-7 years of growing in pots individually I am documenting the transition to a forest with these trees. This year the drainage was getting fairly poor on them so it was time for them to practice communal living. In almost a 4 hour session on Sunday I did the root work and potted up these bad boys. I got the pot at a GSBF sale in Oakland, Have been looking for a pot that was going to fit all these trees. Here it goesIMG_0073kbIMG_0077kbNeeded to fix a pot with tie downs
IMG_0078kbStarting to get tired from root workIMG_0083kband more root workIMG_0081kbI had a cat litter pan to keep them wetArms were really aching by time to tie down

Now that I got it all together, I cant lift it off the porch, guess it stays till the leaves come out. Tada!, years in the process with more to go.